A few more steps into my Ridgeback drawing

The rain came and stayed and really dampened any urge I may have had to peek outside.

Instead, like a turtle, I have stayed curled up in my studio and spent some quality time with Anton.

Here for you viewing are a few more steps into our new relationship.

I am using Hahnemuehler Nostalgie paper and my clutch pencil filled with 2B and 3B Staedler.

The three steps above show how I am working out the lay of the hair on the side of his nose as well as trying to achieve depth. I have still a detail layer to add to his nose. I will do this after establishing the rest of his face and eye.

Cheerio for now, I'm back up to the studio for another session with my new gorgeous friend...


Marsha Robinett said…
You have done a beautiful job with the eyes. I look forward to seeing more updates...it's nice being part of the process. Thanks for sharing.
April Jarocka said…
He's going to be just beautiful when he's finished Sheona!
Thank you!
Sometimes the drawing seems to be inside the pencil just waiting to be let out...this is one of these times...YEAH!
The Tile Lady said…
This is developing so nicely! I am excited as well to see it--we have a Rhodesian Ridgeback ourselves!

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