The new Canine Art Guild exhibition "Helping Paws 2008" goes online

The fifth Canine Art Guild online exhibition is now live...!

"Helping Paws 2008" is now online!

A wide and varied display of dog art can be viewed (and the best: all is for sale! Definately worth a visit!). Each and every artist entered has pledge to donate proceeds of their sales to a  shelter or charity of their choice. Well worth a visit.

Here is one of my three entries "Close to Home"

"Close to home"

Mixed media (graphite/charcoal) on paper, 20x20 cm

200 Euros (20% donated to DCGR)

This is the best place for any dog: out in the open, on a long lead, beside its loved ones (not only one pair of legs but two!) discovering new sights and sounds.
This black lab is well surrounded and at peace with its life. 

Through my art I would like to heighten the awareness of how these gorgeous, quiet and loyal canines are in dire need of a warm safe bed of a good home.

The Dumfriesshire & Cumbria is a Scottish charity focused on re-homing retired or abandoned Greyhounds. As a charity they not only use what they raise for kennel fees, vet fees, fostering expenses and advertising but also try to raise public awareness of the plight of dogs at the end of their racing/coursing careers. To date 500 ex racers and coursers have found new homes.

Have a great Sunday!


The Tile Lady said…
Beautiful drawing! Your work is just amazing! And how lovely that proceeds are going to find homes and help greyhounds...
April Jarocka said…
Thanks for following my blog. Stumbled into yours by accident and what a joy. I've always been a big fan of Graphite. You can say so much without colour too. Your pieces are exquisite.
All the best

April Jarocka
Anonymous said…
Really lovely Blog Sheona! and thanks for the link, that's great!
A warm welcome to Black on Grey on White. April and Jenn you are both very welcome. Love sharing great work with anyone who wants to listen... .
The tile lady: thank you! I fell in love with Greyhounds(they are quite simply gorgeous!)... would love to able to take on a couple myself. Unfortunately not poss. so I'm doing the next best thing...Fingers crossed I'll raise a wee bit.

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