The result of a week with Anton... Rhodesian Ridgeback drawing

"Anton", Pencil on Paper
21x26 cm.
A week with Anton  has come to an end, sadly, he was great company. A handsome fellow.
Above is the finished portrait, below the steps I took to get there.

Step 5:  Carried on working out the nose and forehead. Will also do more work on detailing the eye.

Step 6: I've decided to add a mini twist to the perfect pose. Saliva. I feel this will give the portrait that little extra, an unexpected difference.

Close up of the saliva in progress..not full sloppy drool but a decent quantity and annoyingly there.

Step 8: Moving on  to the ears, will tweak nose, muzzle and saliva later!


Step 9: More work on ear, darkened all the values, tweaked a little here and there.  Added more depth by working on the mid tones. Added detail with a very sharp 2B.

Try as I may, my scanner will just not pick up the very fine detailed pencil work.

One thing I did forget to do:time myself...the first question I am usually asked. Not to worry! I'll just have to say it's all in a weeks work!

Thanks for following, sketch day tomorrow...I'll keep you posted.

Cheerio and have a great Friday Night.


Grahame Butler said…
fantastic work as always, if I get my face any closer to the computer screen trying to see how you get so much detail I'll burn my nose!! Grahame
hbedrosian said…
What a beautiful piece. I feel like I get a glimpse of Anton's personality in this portrait. Very well done.
Thank you both.
Holly: When I met Anton his size struck me but so did his nobility and kindness. This positive first impression really followed me through the whole process.

Grahame: Really hope your nose is OK:) (Have to admit you comment did make me smile!) My tip for detail: extra sharp pencil.
Grahame Butler said…
well at least I made you smile, I have just purchased 3 water soluble graphite pencils, which I know you used on one of your recent drawings, any tips on how to use them?
Tracy Hall said…
Fantastic portrait, Sheona. You can really see how much you enjoyed it too!

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