New equine drawing: first four steps.

Step one: line drawing and definition of eyes and ears

Step 2: worked out expression and added to throat + balancing of tone and contrast

Step 3: Work begun on chin and neck

Step 4: mouth defined neck shape and muscle penciled out

Here we have my next drawing hot on the drawing board: a horse!

It has been soooo long since I last drew my favorite subject that working on this piece really feels like coming home and relaxing with a good cup of coffee!

I shot the reference photographs in the summer.  This is a highland pony competing at a local show in Scotland.  He was not only the perfect type but loving every minute of it and showing off as proud as a peacock!

I am using Bristol Vellum double-ply paper and .... ...water soluble graphite pencils.

This is so exciting: I have been drawing this fellow with a pencil and a ... paint brush!

Is there such a thing as a graphite painting? What an thrilling thought.

More steps tomorrow...and the way my inspiration is chomping at the bit it may very well be a finished piece (with an appropriate title)...


hbedrosian said…
Using water soluble graphite sounds intriguing to me! This piece is beautiful so far - I like the perspective. I'm looking forward to seeing more progress!
April Jarocka said…
Wow Sheona. Really great to see one of your beautiful horses come to life.
Anonymous said…
Absolutely gorgeous! I love how you took us through the process. True artistic talent, always amazes me. Your ability to see things in a way that others can't - What an incredible gift!
The Tile Lady said…
Thanks for sharing the progression of this wonderful drawing! It's beautiful!
Finding a new twist to such a great medium is very exciting. Your support and comments mean the world to me, thank-you so much:)

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