Inside view of my studio

Up and running and drawing!
My pencils are enjoying their new home as are both Wilbur and Bernadette.
The space we have been allocated is just fantastic!
Our previous work area was really cool too. Totally different and just much much smaller.
Here, well this is pure luxury with space for the indispensable drawing board and red trolleys but also for my (big) favorite sofa, all my music, books, fellow artist, mementos and ... a chess board.

For all of you interested here's a wee guided tour...

New work area: great light, space and view. Behind work by Kim Santini, Juliette Harrisson and Linda Shantz.

Old well loved yellow sofa.

One of the 2 studio cats in action (also known as Jessy Jane or Jess)

Music, books, reference photographs and files

Printing and Prints area. Above work by Karmel Timmons. Over looking the action: Wilbur & Bernadette.

Side view of new cutting and framing area.
In frame works by Donna Ridgeway, Kim Santini, Tami Oyler , Jenn Pratt, Kathi Peters, Susan Leyland, Linda Shantz and Juliette Harrison.
In blue flower: Jess still "at rest".

On this wall work by Degas, Klaus Philip, F.C Turner, Mary Herbert, Catherine Thiry, J.D. Harding, F.Roux & George Wright Pinx. Jess is she's on the sofa!

I really tried to layout this space with efficiency in mind. My new mid year resolution: keep clutter at bay.
To do this, I have to admit to having recurred to solid professional help.
Alyson B Stanfield (unknowingly) came to my rescue.
Mid-summer, knowing I would be moving and re-structuring, I decided to go all the way and downloaded "Peak to Productivity".
I downloaded the mp3 from the ArtBizCoach Store.
A wise decision.
Sometimes all you need is to hear it, get that extra motivational push and things fall into place. My filing and organisational skills are now back on track.
Great to feel out of that "clutter rut"!


Linda Shantz said…
Wow, looks great, Sheona! Maybe I need to get that book too! My studio needs an overhaul...trip to Ikea planned after the studio tour.

Fun to see all the work in situ, too!
Thanks Linda. had to put your work near to the musical source ;)
Off to the Swedes tomorrow: one or two things missing for the house. All the best for the studio tour
Gayle said…
I'd love a studio like that Sheona, it looks so light and welcoming.
Glad to hear you are getting settled after your move
Hi Gayle and thank you. Yep relief is creeping in:D
Your studio looks great! I also love Allison Stanford :)
Tracy Hall said…
What a great space Sheona - and you are so tidy!! Glad you are settling in.
Hello Beverly and a warm welcome to Black on Grey on White. you are right Alyson is a good and reliable source of sound art info and advice :D

Tracy thank you! Between you and me, little bit of pre-photo tidying up went on. Nearly impossible for me to keep it like this 24hours a day ;))
Jo Castillo said…
Sheona, congratulations on your new beautiful studio. Glad to see you back in the studio!
Very neat and tidy !!!

Wizz :-)
Hello Jo and Wizz! Jo it's great to be back and Wizz I'm sure you'd love to get at the cats right? ;D
Dors said…
What an amazing studio. It looks so inviting.

Love it. Hope your well Sheona.
Lisa M. Rodgers said…
Your studio is amazing Sheona and I love the pic of your fuzzy paper weight Jessy Jane!

I have no doubt the comfort,light and overall surroundings will inspire a wealth of magical work.
Thank you Dors and Lisa, enjoying the space sooooo much. What a difference it makes when you can walk upright to a desk ;D
Dylan said…
Nice studio. I loved the cat´s.
Lydia said…
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