When iron will falters... because of a kitten.

Sometimes iron will is just not enough.... and you really just have to go with the flow...
I had finished my morning session in the studio and was on my way to grab another cup of coffee before sitting down to do some research for my new post when... Jess appeared... out of  a shoe box!

Deadlines were plugging at the back of my mind, phone calls had to be made, research started, end of the month exhibition logistically sorted out, washing sorted (yep I work from home!), printers organised (that's another story), promotional material indexed, shipping forms understood, prints priced, emails answered, filing done (not too difficult to postpone I agree) but, oh no, the list was still not long enough to shoo (no pun intended) away temptation! 
No... I had to pick up my camera! 
I had to get this cutie-pie on film (card!)  
The battery was nearly full (good), the card empty (excellent), the light workable and the subject (Jess) in full action.  
I shot nearly 50 pics before she stopped, shoe lace dangling from her tiny mouth, and looked round at me. 
I'm sure the look she gave me was exactly the same as the one I received when disobeying  as a child...

Why DID I pick up my camera? 

Why didn't the amount of work hold me back?

Was it really the loss of willpower or was it something else?

I picked up my camera to follow my instinct.
I picked up my camera because the passion for my art, my work is forever present.
(Which artist doesn't keep adding crucial reference images either mentally or digitally?)

I picked up my camera out of sheer enthusiasm.

I picked up the camera because spontaneity had  become stronger than common sense.

I picked up my camera because my iron will had let Beauty in. 

As Johann Wolfgang von Goethe wisely said "Beauty is everywhere a welcome guest."
Quote taken from Robert Glenn's excellent pages of artistic quotes 

I was stopped in my tracks by an 8 week old kitten.  
This adorable beautiful feline has indirectly reminded me that art is all about enthusiasm, passion and spontaneity . 

Here's one of the pics for your pleasure.
The other one is on the drawing board... I'll keep you posted...


CREATIVEGoddess said…
You just have to stop and seize the moment -it's an imperative to make the chores that much more enjoyable.

Adorable kitten, BTW. We've got 3 kitties and at times, they force me to stop to witness just how cute they are. "Remember me? How cute am I??"
Terry said…
I keep a camera on my table next to me-- the dogs are always doing something adorable when I least expect it. And if I get up to go get the camera, the moment is lost, because they all follow me!
Tracy Hall said…
So beautifully put, Sheona! It's sometimes funny the things that spur a madly enthusiastic impromtu photoshoot...but in this case who could blame you, what a gorgeous little bundle!
Thank you all for the feed back..
I sometimes wish they could stay this small and cuddly for ever...
On the other handit's good that they don't: I'd never get any work done!
Sheona ) I suggest that you also get yourself a sketchbook - and put "The kitten" on the front and start sketching. You'll have a great record of her of a different variety as she grows up.
Katherine-good idea. I need to get a grip on my sketching. Using Jess as a subject would be the ideal start. (She still sleeps lots and lots and lots: better get cracking...)

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