Canine Art Guild new online show

The Canine Art Guilds' 4th online exhibition, "Canine Pot Luck," is now online at .
The show is essentially an artists' choice, and there is a beautiful selection of artwork by CAG members.
There's also cash prizes for People's Choice, so please, stop by and cast your vote!! ( This is my very subtle hint for you to look out for my 3 entries...!) Seriously the work is great and picking any one piece to vote for is pretty darn tough.

The CAG is made up of artists from around the world, artists who love to draw, paint, scultp, photograph and study canine subjects, artists of all levels, working in all mediums, producing work of all shape and sizes.
It is quickly becoming the place to find quality canine art on the web.
Have a wee look and see if I'm wrong...(I know you'll like the selection.!)

Ciao for now


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