Summer's here and so are the school holidays...

Schools out...
Yikes, I'm way behind schedule... no worries... I'll work nights!
Since relaunching my art carrier and having to team it up together with being a full time mum,  I have learned that everything is possible, do-able and have-able!
As long as your are not too picky about when, are quite an expert at cutting one or two unimportant corners and can focus on at least 3 things at once...
Sunday, I exhibit in Chimay and am busy translating my promotional material into french... not great fun but do-able.
I finished pricing and invoicing the prints and ACEOs I'll be taking with me. Sticky prices were everywhere much to the girls and kittens' delight.  
I am looking forward to the event mainly because it is going to give me a very focused understanding of my "close to home" market and clientele. (No better way than going out there and mingling)
I can't help thinking there will be a lot of children there and couldn't resist printing "Over the Fence" in a great postcard size and priced to compete directly with a small packet of sweets. The idea of making my work have-able for the younger ones was so tempting (couldn't resist).
Beauty and Bonfire (the 2 hairy chaps you can see here in "Over the Fence") are, I am sure, universally cute and will get all sorts of Oooohs and Aaaahs!.
Only Sunday will tell...!

Back on Monday with loads of updates.

Have a great week-end wherever you are


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