Start of new canine pencil drawing

It has been  a quite while since I last posted about what was actually on my drawing board...I seem to have taken to talking about what's going on around it more than showing you the actual creating.

I  really have been busy drawing as well as typing.

A new commission  has started. It is a portrait of 2 Riesenschnausers (Giant Schnauzers.) Jack and Libby.

Both are dark and have beautiful expressive eyes hidden under their long haired fringes.

I researched a little to find more about the particularities of the breed - this helps me really pin-point elements which are crucial and typical to a specific breed.

Here is the first stage of the portrait: it is an initial layout and the beginning of detailed work on the eyes.  This is Libby.

I am using 6B and 3B Staedler clutch for the hair and 2B and 2H Derwent pencils for the eye. This portrait is being drawn on Steinbach paper (250gr. 73 x 110cm). 

I have penciled in the second dog Jack and will start on his eyes in the next session...

The eyes are the most important part of the portrait.  It is when, and only when, I feel they are the way they should be (expressive and believable) that I feel I can get on with the rest of the study.

At this stage I am about 4 hours into the portrait.

I will keep posting as the portrait comes along. 


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