Technical internet problems hindering email communication

A great sigh of relief ....I thought I was the only one experiencing "slight" email & blog problems...

I believed to be the only owner of an inbox without an active "In" feature and a send option that listens once every 4 clicks. 

I believed this until I read Katherine Tyrells' last entry  in her blog  Making a Mark.

It wasn't until then that I realised that this IT problem (because it is a problem!) was not just specific to my computer but a problem that was wee bit bigger and a problem that needs to be DELT with.
Katherine's problems seem to be directly related to google and Feedburners' lack of quality performance whereas mine seem to be more Googlemail related.
Here's what's been going wrong at my end (all Google related I must add).
  • Feeds I am meant to get from  Feedburner have not been arriving...
  • Emails sent to me have reached my inbox a tad late .... 24 hours! 
(I can't help thinking that some have never reached me at all.)
  • Emails sent out from my googlemail account have never reached the recipient... they are no doubt gallivanting around cyberspace with all the other lost emails!
The unfortunate thing with Googlemail is that there is no way of asking for a confirmation of delivery email.  This is all very unsatisfactory and another problem that will need sorting.
  • Posting on blogger has been hit or miss in the last three weeks... often when writing a post it will all change into exclamation marks ???????????????? ?????? ??.  Pretty but not very readable and totally infuriating!
4 major points that I have sent off to Google... will keep you posted on their feedback.

Stay tuned, I may have a new blog space coming soon.....


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