Complicity and Hurricane win at the American Art Awards.

Graphite on Paper. 2009
Sheona Hamilton-Grant. All rights reserved

There is great rejoicing and lots of strange woops: Complicity and Hurricane have been strutting their stuff at the American Art Awards and have come home with rosettes.
"Complicity" won the dry media category (pencil, charcoal and ink) and came in second in Human Realism. Yeah!
Graphite on Paper. 2010
Sheona Hamilton-Grant. All rights reserved

"Hurricane" came in a cool second in Animal realism. Cooool!
The icing on the cake: Quality Time won last year!

"Quality Time"
Graphite on Paper. 2008
Sheona Hamilton-Grant. All rights reserved

Once again, one year on, I'm still so very chuffed, honoured as well as being over the moon at seeing graphite making a stand.

Pencils just rock !!!

Happy dances and cheery waves from the walls of my new studio in Bonn...


hbedrosian said…
Congratulations and well-deserved, Sheona!
sue said…
Very well deserved ... they are both fabulous pieces.

Well done you!!
Well done Sheona. Your work is just beautiful.
Thank you all! Grins and woops still present :D
Jeanette said…
Fabulous work and wonderful recognition for it. You deserve it and more.

Graphite should get a lot more recognition as its a beautiful medium to work with.
Clive Meredith said…
well done sheona,very well deserved and another stunning success for graphite!
Thank you Jeanette and Clive. Graphite is just the best and it is so nice to help get that message out ;D

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