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Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Dressage drawing in progress

Here is Calle frozen in time.
The reference was taken last summer during his daily work out.

For this portrait I am using a Strathmore Bristol smooth and a lot of 6B pencil.
I don't have a lot of experience with this paper. It is much toothier than I am used to.
So far so good.... let's hope we continue working in harmony;)


Alex Zonis said...

Strathmore Bristol smooth is wonderful paper for graphite. I find it to be my preferred paper for realistic portrait, allows me to get really dark darks without too much fight, yet erases to brilliant white when I need to do that (I generally don't erase much.)

What paper do you usually use?

Jo Castillo said...

Gorgeous, simply gorgeous.

Sheona Hamilton Grant said...

Alex: you are right I don't have to work as =hard to get the darks as I usually do. I'm getting used to the tooth, actually I'm getting used to the paper and quite like it.
I usually use Mellotex which is as smooth as paper can be. It's very unforgiving and you really have to work hard to get the darks. The end result is really worth it though.

Jo: thank you!Working hard to hear you say the same when I've finished:D

Glynnis Miller said...

This will be a winner when finished. Can't wait to see...