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Thursday, 11 February 2010

Dressage drawing: new progress made

I've tacked him up.
Both the bridles and saddle have been added (still need refining).
The tail is still to be added. This is where I hope to emphasize his power and create extra movement.
I like the paper, not in love with it but we are good buddies.
The tooth allows for much faster results as not as many layers are needed to create darks. I'm not convinced I will achieve the detail I do with Mellotex. Only time will tell.
Back up to draw a swishing tail!


Dors said...

Beautiful work Sheona. It's going to be a real masterpiece as always.

Love it

Reflections From Life Art Blog said...

Beautiful piece! Don't you just love drawing the tack?


Sheona Hamilton Grant said...

Dors: thank you, the tail needs to be finished. I'm hoping it'll do what it's meant to;)

Nancy: Thanks. I used to really hate drawing the tack but now actually really enjoy it: I've learned to slow down and enjoy all the different intricaties.

Ruth said...

Wow - That is absolutely lovely!