Calle's second drawing portrait finished

Pencil on Paper. 34x46 cm
Sheona Hamilton-Grant. All rights reserved

Managed to finish this piece last week before the confetti and funny masks took over!
Calle's portrait is now at the framers.
Can't wait to see him behind glass all "poshed" up.

The tails' swing and movement added the finishing touch I was looking for. The thickness of the hair pushing the movement forward towards the viewer. The size of the piece also adds to the over all feel of power.
Overall a nice result which I hope will make my patron smile.

p.s: please excuse the missing right boot tip...technical problems swallowed it...whole!


Linda Shantz said…
Gorgeous, as always, Sheona!
Dors said…
awesome work Sheona. I love seeing your work.
Wendy Mould said…
He is great. He is sure big which I think must add to his power and strength. I would love to see the original.
Thank you all:) Still waiting in anticipation to see what he looks like behind glass...
Anonymous said…
wow amazing work =)

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