Finnegan, new canine drawing

Pencil on Paper, 18x14 cm
Sheona Hamilton-Grant. All rights reserved.

This is Finnegan.
Finn is an Australian Cattle Dog mix.
Finni (as he is affectionately referred to) lives in Michigan with Kimberly Santini and her family.
I met Finn (cyberly) a few years ago and knew so little about him.
Finni is one heck of a character.

His Mum's words draw a great picture:
"He's a dear guy with a strong affinity for frisbee, snowflake and raindrop herding, and good neck rubs. Evan learned to read with him - they still snuggle together every night reading comic books or listening to music (Finni likes Green Day and Lady Gaga).
He takes squirrel patrol duties very seriously and also excels at yard work (picking up sticks and other debris alongside the kids). He sings along with "Happy Birthday" and the Michigan State Fight Song . He's a great snuggler with the boys, moving from bed to bed during the night (he'd probably sleep with Annie, too, if he could figure out how to get up the ladder into her loft!).

He's also learned to pick up the boys' stinky laundry and put it in the hamper - however, we began discouraging that when we found him sneaking socks out and stashing them for a later retrieval (and treat).
He's just a genuinely willing guy, eager to do whatever you ask at a moment's notice. A quick learner with boundless amounts of energy.
Our household would be very dull without that crazy scrabble of nails on the floor, followed by that goofy face asking to be brought along for a ride..."

Finni's portrait is on it's way to his home ... I wonder what he'll make of it?


I get goosebumps looking at him online, Sheona- I can only imagine what my reaction will be when the portrait is home. Thank you so much for memorializing our boy - you've done him well, very well indeed!
sue said…
With his Mum's colourful description, and your wonderful graphite work, I feel I know Finnegan personally.
Beautiful drawing (and handsome dog)!
April Jarocka said…
I can imagine he'll love it. I showed my husband your work and he said....woooooow.
So keep turning out wooooow.
Kim you are very welcome and maybe I'll get to meet him "live" one day ;)
Sue:thank you . You so are right! He's a good looking canine with a nice sharp and alert eye, excellent ingredients;D

April: Wooooow is good... like the sound. Will keep at it;)
Jeanette said…
He's fabulous. He and his family will love the portrait. It amazes me how you capture these animals so well.
He will love and his faimily will be cock-a-hoop with it. Great work :)
Wow! Finn looks like he is ready to pop off the page! Love it.
Dors said…
Beautiful work Sheona. The owners will be thrilled.

Great job.
Jeanette: thank you
Elizabeth: Hadn;t heard the expression cock-a-hoop, thank you for that and for your kind words ;)
Miriam: a warm welcome to Black on Grey on White, thank you for stopping and your great comment
Dors: Thank you.I hope they will be he's still to arrive, the suspense is awful;)

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