Calle. Equine Head portrait finished and signed.

Calle is now finished and the portrait approved by his owner.(Yippee!)
So, he's off to the framers before making his end journey to Germany .

As with all 2xbridled head portraits, I get my "knickers in a twist" when it comes to all the cheek pieces, throat lashes and nose band. After a while though, managed to straightened out knickers and crossed eyes, followed the lines of logic and completed the bridle.

Interestingly enough most of the drawing was done using a 2B (layered). A few parts were done on the nose using an F.

Here you can see the blank space waiting for some attention. The head piece and the nose band are rendered. Really left the bridle to the bitter end!

Pencil on Paper. 23x27 cm.
Sheona Hamilton-Grant. 2009
All rights reserved.

Another week-end is just round the corner.
Once again loads of quality familly time on the agenda here.
Wishing you the very same wherever you are.


As always I'm in complete awe....his nose looks so soft and
velvety....justs yummy :)
Hello Elizabeth and thank you:) I find horses with a wee bit of pink on the nose the yummiest to draw...the colour really brings the texture out.
Jullia said…
great! I really like how this one turned out ;)
Hey Jullia, thank you. Long time no hear how are you?

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