Start of new equine portrait

School's back, dust's off the drawing board, pencils are sharpened and work has begun.

Here are the first steps in my new equine portrait. This chap is a lovely dressage gelding. I met him this summer in Germany where he posed very nicely for a few reference pics. He his known affectionately as "Calle" .

The usual gear has been pulled out.
Hahnemuehle Nostalgie Paper, love the off-white colour and not-so-toothy surface. Works well for portraits.
Derwent 6B and I filled my mechanical clutch pencil with koh-i-noor 2B (never tried them and they seem to be good.)

Below, steps one and two, here I have established the eye and expression with the 2B as well as establishing the darks with the Derwent 6B.

Tomorrow will yield (I have no doubt) further progress.
Today's was good, the new found "freedom" and extra hours worked wonders on getting this portrait off to a good start.


April Jarocka said…
looking great Sheona. Good luck with this one
Ahh bliss too be back in the swing of things. Good start :)
Thank you ladies! Off to give this new piece a wee bit of TLC. Will post update soon:D
Stephanie said…
So great to have the kids back in school. Love having them home, but now we can do art again. Seasons are awesome, and so is the beginnings of this portrait.
Gary Keimig said…
Your new horse portrait is looking very good. Liked your little seasonal nature portraits. Good job.

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