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Monday, 7 September 2009

Follow up steps in Equine head portrait

Calle is taking shape.
He now has a more defined expression, a fluffy mane and a silky nose.
The tricky bridle work is being left to the bitter end...
Drawing leather is still not #1 on my drawing list despite tackling the bull by the horns a few years ago and producing a drawing I was quite chuffed with. (Some of you may be familiar with "Leather".) Any road this is slightly off subject.

Below a few more steps in Calle's progress.
The steps are pretty straight forward.
All completed with a 2B.
The darks were drawn with a 6B and established earlier on.
Pressure put on the strokes and the number of layers used are the key elements to getting the soft yet detailed end result

Step3: detail added to neck and mane. Blaze taking shape.

Step4: forelock started as well as more detail around left eye and on the end of the nose.

Step 5: work done on nose and lower part of the neck. White space left for the double bridle.

The way the pencils are flowing: smoothly and precisely.
I can't help thinking that the final steps of this bonny chap's portrait will be posted very soon.
Until then leaving you all with a cheery cheerio!


Dors said...

Very nice Sheona. It's coming along great. nice tones. Looking forward to seeing this finished.

Your work is awesome.

Sheona Hamilton Grant said...

Thank you:)