Legacy - New graphite equine drawing.

He's magnificent.
He's striking.
He had to be drawn.
Had to get the pencils to "comb" through the tick wavy mane and tail. Render the muscles, the faint traces of sweat...

The reference for this new piece was kindly provided by friend and photographer extraordinaire Juliet Harrison. (If you are seeking for inspiration trundle over to her website Juliet Harrison Photography ... a must!)

This is a large piece, completed over the summer months, in between servings of ice cream, visits to France and tin men on stilts.
A labour of love, an indispensable support maintaining an all important stability and sanity during the happy chaotic summer months.

The result is powerful, strong and full of movement.
Just right ...

Graphite on Paper. 2009. 34x37 cm
Sheona Hamilton-Grant. All rights reserved.
Inquire for Purchase


Dors said…
Wonderful.... just wonderful work.

Your work is awesome. the best.
Grahame Butler said…
This is absolutely stunning Sheona, great movement and feeling to this piece, fantastic.
Dors, thank you so much.
Grahame, thank you. I must admit inspiration and longing for the horses ruled this piece :))
Anonymous said…
Wow. Look at that mane. I could probably stare at it for hours.
April Jarocka said…
Beautiful Sheona!! You have incredible talent with those pencils.
I've added you to my new blog roll at my new site.
Mom with crayons: thank you I know I did and it really is a world unto it's own:)
Hello April: thanking you! You certainly have put me in excellent company on your blog ;-)
Heather Page said…
Wow! This is fantastic!! You've inspired me to draw some horses!
Mystey Artist said…
WoW!! I just love black and white art!! You got to join this art link exchange program. check it out! http://rareartarenalinkexchange.blogspot.com/
Karen Hargett said…
Just beautiful! I love the movement and all that mane!
Thank you Heather, I'm thrilled you feel inspired. Look forward to seeing the result:)
Hello Karen,despite not having taken the initial pic, I could really "hear" the swish of the tail and rhythmic breathing in his movement;-)
Pencil Sanity said…
Oh WOW, Your work is very inspiring. Thanks so much for visiting me on my blog. I will be following your creations with much interest and AWE!!!

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