Trains just like Thomas...

Saturday, a day of steam, soot and fun.
These glorious old-timers live down the road.... just down passed the cows.

p.s: website address
If you are ever down this way a great way to take a wee trip down memory lane.


Anonymous said…
So So COOL! The last one needs to be your next graphite drawing for sure.
Thank you. LOL I can just picture my confusion at tackling all the lines and intricate details on the engine...
Laure Ferlita said…
That does look like fun! And yes, I too thought the last image would make a great piece of art!
April Jarocka said…
Great photos Sheona.
I see my recent posts are not showing on your blog list. Hmmn. That's frustrating. I am posting away like mad here... honest!!

All the best
Gary Keimig said…
some neat ideas with these photos. Hmm. Have you thought of doing a piece of art with them? Liked your last horse portrait. Very well handled.
Laura, April and Gary thank you very much for your valued comments.
Quite chuffed (sorry about the pun he, he) about the way the pics turned out. My artistic affinity is not too good with anything metalic be it plains trains or automobiles :) Working at it and who knows might turn the graphite onto them.
Woops that was of course planes...

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