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Saturday, 9 May 2009

Pencils still making sense: step2 of new graphite drawing.

Here is the "state of affairs" before the beginning of the WE.
Pencils have been eagerly scribbling and co-operating. Some progress has been made to the hair, the head and the jacket.
Drawing hidden eyes and expression is a little tricky. Not quite there yet.
Will need a few more hours and once that is looking good I'll put a jacket on.

Will post a new update on Monday (or Tuesday).
Until then, wishing you all a "spiffingly" excellent week-end and a terrific Mother's Day.


An English Shepherd said...

Yes its looking good !

Have a nice weekend

Wizz :-)

Arti said...

Coming out so nicely!You draw clothes beautifully.I will wait to see the final drawing.
happy mothers' day to you, too.

ruthie said...

i love to see the magical process of your work, so interesting - i always seem to have to start with the eyes first no matter what i am drawing!

kslaughter said...

Hi Sheona,
I found your blog through Laure's Painted Thoughts blog---so glad I did! I love your work---so inspiring!

I am excited to see that we are neighbors. I am an American living in Waterloo. We have been here for 9 yrs, but we are leaving in June to go back to Louisiana for 1 yr and then on to Paris.

I will be back to see your progress on this beautiful portrait---All the best to you~~Kathy