Pencil scribbles update: third step of new graphite drawing.

Progress is being made, slowly, intricately... this weeks luxury of not working to a dead line.

I love drapery.
This concept was added to the texture of the jacket.

I had help.
Referred to the best for inspiration : Leonardo da Vinci.

His draperies, especially the studies are so strong.
He achieves a perfect balance between soft and hard lines; between delicate and thick highlights. This harmony creates beautiful textured material.

Da Vinci effortlessly draws a wide range of shapes and folds, perfectly placing shadows and contrasts, which in turn gives the hangs of the folds their own movement, their own individual size, twists and turns.

Study of a drapery of a woman kneeling to the left
Leonardo da Vinci
Silver point on red surface heightened with white chalk
Corsini Gallery, Rome.
Source: Artlex

Leonardo da Vinci, Drawing of drapery
late 15-early 16th century
source Wikimedia commons

Learning by doing is the name of the game at this end. I'm loving it!
Eagerly awaiting tomorrows discoveries...


I agree Leonardo is the greatest to learn from! I love this piece you are working on! Beautiful and inspiring to me. Great Job!
Its looking good, the shadows are really clever

Wizz :-)
Melody Lea Lamb said…
This new piece is such a pleasure to watch unfold! What fantastic skills you are demonstrating with the fabric folds. Thank you for sharing this with us!
Arti said…
I am watching in fascination as this sketch takes shape...Love the fabric folds and creases.You are a master of these.Thanks for sharing the Da Vinci sketches.
April Jarocka said…
Your referral to Da Vinci has served you well. Beautiful work Sheona! Well done.
Pearl said…
you do such beautiful work, thanks for sharing, it's a real pleasure just to look at.
Hello and thank you to all of you. The Master will be helping out (if he agrees:)!) for the next few days as I finish the jacket. Fantastic learning curve.

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