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Monday, 4 May 2009

Black stallion pencil portrait finished.

Approved, sprayed and signed!

Graphite on Paper, 18x23 cm
Copyright Sheona Hamilton-Grant

Charisma is finished and being framed ready to make tracks to his forever home in Germany.
He was a gorgeous subject to draw: athletic, fit, alert, dark and handsome...
The angle of the reference was not ideal with quite a bit of foreshortening and distortion. (Since the last post I corrected the right ear, the nose and the right eye...!)
This however was a good challenge: the type you need to keep artistically &"graphitely" fit.

On the drawing board this week is a combination of both figurative and canine art.
Nothing definitive has made it yet on paper ...ideas are still spinning in my mind and being sketched out.
I will post when the pencil marks start to make harmonious sense.
Until then, wishing you all a super start to the week.:)


Grahame Butler said...

Nice work Sheona, as always!

Elizabeth McCrindle said...

Absolutely stunning as always his new owners will be trilled to bits with him :)

Julie B said...

Beautiful portrait! You've really captured the power and energy that stallions have.

Linda Shantz said...

Gorgeous, Sheona!

Melody Lea Lamb said...

Beautiful and dynamic graphite piece!! Well done. :)

Sheona Hamilton Grant said...

Thank you all - much appreciated:)
Miss seeing the power and skill of these athletes. They are one of the reasons I picked up a pencil all those years ago.:)

An English Shepherd said...

Looks wonderful, great finished picture.

Wizz :-)

Gayle Mason said...

Beautiful Sheona.

Five O'Clock Somewhere said...

Wow, gorgeous portrait of a stunning stallion.

Clive Meredith said...

thanks for your kind comments on my work,this picture is great,really capturing the action first show of the season opens tomorrow,i have a stand at badminton so hopefully i'll see plenty of these fine animals for myself.