New (and finally finished) pencil portrait "Complicity"

Graphite on Paper, 27x38 cm
Sheona Hamilton-Grant, 2009 All rights reserved.

Finally, hours, days and weeks of drawing have delivered "Complicity".

Motherhood took over, the pencils did the scribbling and I was somewhere in the middle breathing. Savouring every moment...:)

Sadly, I had to interrupt the WIP because of the size.(Scanning became very tricky and not the safest...)

I stuck to my rules of using 2B, F and 4H and kept working from left to right .

Leonardo da Vinci (who many of you know helped with the drapery of the fabric) left the studio last week after completion of the jacket.
This meant the Foo Fighters were on the scene again (hi, hi,hi), their rock contrasting wildly with the detailed rendered in the dog's coat. Their musical world spurring me on no end.

Before ending this post, I would like to send big handful of thank- yous to all of you for the support and the comments over the last few weeks. (They mean so much), accompagnied by a bundle of apologies for the "wishy washy-not-quite-finished WIP" - I confess to bad management on my part.

Have a great Sunday.
Back in a tick with a black canine...


Clive Meredith said…
nice work sheona,full of energy and joy!
What a lovely picture, congratulations.

Wizz :-)
Gary Keimig said…
wonderful work. Love the clarity of it and the composed subject matter.

Great job
hbedrosian said…
Wow, Shoena! So much movement, personality, and detail in this piece!
It's wonderful Sheona love the interaction between your daughter and the hound.....your a master off the pencil :)
Thank you all for your great comments. The encounter between Amelie and the hound was such a memorable occasion, the image in my mind had been begging for serious attention:)
Grahame Butler said…
Beautiful piece Sheona, great movement and detail.
Laure Ferlita said…
Outstanding! Such a wonderful piece and I love the enchantment this piece spends just from viewing it!

I don't think there is anything as magical as a child and a dog and your handling of this just makes it more magical!
Arti said…
This has turned out great!I have been following it since you started.Its lovely!....I know how difficult it is to complete the drawings which stratch over a long period of time.Great job.You are an inspiration.
Irene Rencsi said…
You are the master. Absolutely love it! Congrats!
J.Deans said…
What a gorgeous piece! Excellent work!
Grahame, Laure, Arti, Irene and J'Deans thank you for kind words, very much appreciated. Big wave and smiles.
Pearl said…
That is adorable, a brilliant picture, & brilliant workmanship, congratulations.
April Jarocka said…
Absolutely STUNNING!!!!! Sheona. I just love it. The composition took me back to those moments when my two were little and their reaction to being approached by very happy tail-wagging labs. Love it, love it, love it.
Pearl and April loads of tail-wagging thank yous.

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