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Friday, 15 May 2009

Pencil scribbles update.

Pencils scribbling away, Leonardo present and happy having me find inspiration from his 450 year old study; I tried desperately to introduce him to The Foo Fighters ( one of my fave keep-me -focused-on-detail- rock groups).
He was not impressed...
I guess it was the generation gap.
I searched my music library and he agreed to... Morcheeba. The man has good taste.

So with Morcheeba subtlely playing in the background and Leonardo's drapery study in the foreground, good progress was made to my intricate piece.
Enough to say : "ready for the week-end and an overdose of quality family time".

Back on Monday with more musical and artistic up-dates.

Wishing you all a spiffingly excellent week-end.


Laure Ferlita said...

Leonardo? Wow! I'm impressed! Could you introduce us?

This is so gorgeous, Sheona! I just love the fly-away hair and the jacket. Looking forward to seeing this finished.

Robin Maria Pedrero said...

Ha ha I luv how you phrased that! "An overdose of quality family time" ha ha I can SO relate! Absoutely lovely work!

Joanna said...

You crack me up. Leonardo and the Foo Fighters... yeah, I can see it being a bit of an issue. Ever tried Muse with J S Sargent?!
Thanks for the inspiration.
Jo Quentin

Sheona Hamilton Grant said...

Hello all!
Laure it would be a pleasure, Leonardo is excellent company:)
Robin: Thank you. Still recovering from the quality time overdose...looking forward to next week end.
Jo: thank you hello and welcome! Muse and Sargent definitely right up there with the Foos..:)

Sheona Hamilton Grant said...
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Arti said...

It has turned out so well!A wonderful sketch all along.You are the best!