Pencils making sense: new drawing begun

I have not been sitting pretty (I wish!) but scribbling away with my partners in crime.
Above the result.
This is a big drawing.
Paper: A2 sheet of Mellotex paper.
Concept: interpreting the special bond that can develop between children and man's best friend. A special kind of happiness.
Rules: only three pencils: 2B, F and 4H.
References: self made photos taken last year at an agricultural fair in Scotland.
Models: my youngest and a big anonymous hound.

This is a very interesting drawing to work on: it is the first time I combine motherhood and my love for dogs.
One thing for absolute certain: I'm going to savour every moment.


Melody Lea Lamb said…
Great start! Can't wait to see the progress. Thanks for sharing it with us. :)
look forward to seeing this one come to life :-)

Teresa Mallen said…
This is off to a lovely start! I look forward to seeing it progress.
Hello Melody, Teresa and Wizz.
Thank you for the encouragement. I'll post as often as I can it will help keep the momentum and focus :)

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