A welly, a puppy and vegan pencils.

Finished the wee chap.
Spent quite a while trying to get his light coat to scan well...unfortunately I was not terribly successful.
The result is nevertheless presentable and it is with great pleasure that I would like to introduce "Puppies & Wellies".

"Puppies & Wellies"
Graphite on paper, 25x28 cm
Copyright Sheona Hamilton-Grant

The added beauty of this piece is that it is drawn using Derwent pencils which are ...vegan pencils!
Vegan pencils….my amazing discovery last week-end...
Thanks to Empty Easels' post I discovered that Derwent does not use beeswax in any of their products. I quote:
Their charcoal pencils are made from pure charcoal, clay and pigment, the wax used in their pencils is from a plant source, and the binding material is from a mineral source.
Derwent’s Coloursoft pencils, Graphitint pencils, Aquatone pencils, metallic pencils, graphitone and even Derwent’s Pastel Blocks are free from animal ingredients.
(I have contacted Derwent asking them for more information. Have got to double check this grand news.)

I am not a vegan (or vegetarian) but somehow it feels good and snuggles in nicely with what I feel is right...


Karen Hargett said…
Sheona this turned out great. I love the comp and the pup's face is perfect - curious but cautious.
April Jarocka said…
Sheona, you've done it again. Simply beautiful. I am trying to figure out what this little chap is thinking. Well done. Good to know about the vegan pencils btw.
Elizabeth McCrindle said…
Beautiful composition Sheona and it was lovely to see it develop through the stages. You've captured that shy look of him/her peeking around the corner of their mummy but the twinkle is there in the eye and you just know it won't be long before he's gonna want to make friends. Smashing piece :))
Thank you all very much:)
This drawing is such classic pose by a very traditional breed of (very cute) Pup. I just love classic and traditional. Had to be drawn.
This is so adorable! I always wish I could draw like this when I see such faces.
Stacy said…
Sheona, this is adorable. I just want to scoop that pup up into a hug and let him give me puppy kisses! Labs and Golden Retrievers are my favorite dogs.

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