Confetti, fireworks and fun: Carnival.

Carnival has yet again chiseled a fantasticaly bright hole of colour and fun in this, a very grey and morose, end of winter.
My drawing board will (sadly) be gathering a little dust this week: schools are out and loads of confetti is going to hit the wind (and puddles).
Carnival is celebrated the world over and Belgium is no exception.
The "Gilles de Binge" have achieved "World Recognition". (For the wee snippet of info: In 2003 the Carnival of Binche was recognised as one of the Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity a list held by the UNESCO. Extracted from Wikipedia)

A fire is made, danced around while symbolically burning away winter clearing the way for spring.
This year, more than ever, I enjoyed the symbolism and loved the sight...

While the confetti, oranges and fireworks fly high and end the monotony of winter, I will be putting the final touches to my newsletter. A couple of wee surprises have been kept up my sleeve and I am looking forward to sharing them with my readers. (Still time to sign up if you are interested.)

Thanks as always for stopping by, I wish everyone a jolly excellent week.

P.S: Don't be surprised if you see a badly dressed yellow haired clown taking a masked princess by the hand and skipping wildly to the sound of a beating drum with confetti in their is after all Carnival.


Have a great Carnival :-)
Anonymous said…
looks like great fun Sheona..and anything to do with burning away winter..I'm with!!
Laure Ferlita said…
Such a wonderful way to welcome spring and send winter on its way! Love your photos of the sprites!!
The fire never got very big:) hope this does not mean winter is refusing to!
Anonymous said…
Beautiful pics!...and because of your gorgeous pics, I'm tagging you in a new and interesting version of the old game.
Stop by and take a look, I think you'll enjoy it:)

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