A blog Award awarded by fellow bloggers

Black on Grey on White has been awarded a very bright and cheerful award not by one, not by two, not by three but by four fellow bloggers ( in the space of a week).
Thank you all very much, much appreciated, actually I'm tickled pink!

The four bloggers and talented artists thinking alike and flattering me no end are Ruthie, Graham Butler, Elizabeth McCrindle and Lene Daugaard .

Accepting this award means I get to list and share seven of my favorite things and then pass the award on to seven of my favorite art blogs.

Here goes in no particular order.

  1. Coming in from the rain and knowing I don't need to go out again until.... the sun shines
  2. Dancing and singing loudly when I think no-one is watching (or listening).
  3. The smell and taste of home made Belgian chocolate cake... (has to be Belgian) fresh out of my oven.
  4. Daydreaming: sun on my face and coffee in hand.
  5. Scotland, in the rain, the sun, the snow, the fog and the wind.
  6. Drawing when the world's asleep.
  7. My iMac
The seven art blogs that avidly await posts from and therefore pass on this award, in no particular order, are:
  1. Jennifer Prat
  2. Kathi Peters at Cob Cottage Studio
  3. Kim Santini at Painting a Dog a Day
  4. Linda Shantz
  5. Donna Ridgeway
  6. Juliet Harrison at Le Cheval the Horse
  7. Gayle Mason at Fur in the Paint
Once again a major thank you Ruthie, Graham, Lene and Elizabeth for highlighting your appreciation of Black on Grey on White.(Still grinning from ear to ear)


April Jarocka said…
Hey, I see you got one of these too...or was it four? Wow. I got one too at Ugly Rabbit. Actually this is just to say I have simplified my url for UR so many apologies for any inconvenience. it's now: http://www.uglyrabbits.blogspot.com
April Jarocka said…
Hi Sheona:) Just to say hop over to my art blog and see what's waiting for you there!!
Hope you really don't mind. If you haven't time to do it that's fine. Understandable!
All the best

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