Going backwards to plan ahead...

After discovering Twitters' new way of "forward communication" and feeling very "up-to-date" and chuffed with myself, I have, strangely, taken a serious step back, back in to a flurry of deja vu, back into the 90's.
To the good old times, the days of living the life, the student life and feeling invincibly organised!

Palms' Tungsten, iCal, Blackberry Storm, Remember the Milk (yep there is such a site)
Tried them all.
Spent the hours typing-in data, names, numbers, appointments, ect.
Promised myself that it would all be kept up-to-date, backed-up, HotSynced and charged.
Worst of all, I really believed I could master this way of thinking, learn how to use it, feel and look really "pro".

Deception has been lurking and peeking around the corner; dates were being forgotten...
Action, serious action was needed.
Action was taken.
A solution was found, through my letter box. Snail mailed.

The solution came requiring a chemical reaction: that of pen on paper.
The solution has a name: Filofax.

The Filofax Metropol - side view- "in -need- of- love" view...

Nothing, over the years, has been able to replace the joy of writing in my beautiful illegible scribble (no password needed), the doodles in the corners, seeing the pages fill-up with my life.

Finding days at a turn of a page, slipping memories, notes, photos into the side pockets, being able to add data at the speed of lightening whilst remembering exactly where; not relying on any kind power other than a little wrist action....

All these wonderful details can, unfortunately, only be appreciated by the die hard paper & pen lover, by a generation many believe to be close to extinct.
Thanks to the fossil that Filofax (sadly) stands for, I've reconnected with the past to go forward into the future... simply unbeatable.


Jo Castillo said…
This made the old lady smile. :) I love the previous drawing. Just wonderful and full of expression on the pup.
Laure Ferlita said…
I'm so glad to know that I'm not the only *fossil* still using paper and pen! I've tried the gadgets, the computer and special software programs, but the only way that I know for SURE that something is going to get done . . . . is to write in my day organizer. Handy dandy companion of my life!

Thanks for sharing!
Hello Jo and Laure, Filofax is quite simply the business! I knew I wasn't alone in my thoughts! Thanks for the comments
Anonymous said…
haha!! I should send you a picture of mine..I haven't converted either, I love my leather bound dayplanner...I'm lost without it!!
Karen Thumm said…
I'm with you, Sheona! A confirmed writer from early childhood, I would be lost without my trusty day planner. There is just something about the hand written word that typed text cannot replace. It's much more personal and intimate, for one thing.
ruthie said…
I go with the fossil filofax any old day!! I love the feel of writing things down & reading from a sheet not a screen!!! i also love to write in my journal & read back over old ones too. I have passed on an award to you (see my blog) if you would like to accept. *ruthie*
My Dad says you can't beat good old pen and paper :-)
4 more filofax fans... I knew it: we are alive and writing. Excellent.

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