Awared a blog art award & illustrated answers.

'Tis the time for awards!
Fellow artist & blogger April Jarocka has awarded me with an(other) art blog award.
Tickled very pink once again: thank you April!
April's art work is stunning and she has a fantastic affinity with... rocks and a very cute Ugly Bunny. Curious here is her link.

Accepting this award means listing seven things I love and passing it on to seven blogs.

In more than a 10000 words...
I love

Black and white

Going barefoot


Unusual detail


Country life

Childhood memories

and my magic Canon for allowing me to capture it all.

With great pleasureI am passing this award on to the following art blogs which are so well worth having a long peek at, beware though High Quality Art Content.

Laure Ferlita of Painted Thoughts Blog
Dawn Secord of Art of the Dog
Erin Vey for her blog Bark
Joe Castillo for her blog
Holly Bedrosian and her blog
Art with a Bark a great collective canine artist blog
and last but not least Jeanette Jobson of Illustrated Life


April Jarocka said…
I especially like the way you did your list and put your name on the wheel of the pink VW beetle. My favourite little car too!
Thanks a million!
Laure Ferlita said…
Thanks, Sheona! And like you, I'm tickled pink, just no pink VW beetle to go with it!
twincedar said…
Love your photographs! Congratulations on your award.
Jo Castillo said…
Sheona, congratulations on your award and your clever photos!

Thank you in return, you put me in good company!

Thank you all:)
The VW was such an unusual and nice colour. Never thought I would like a pink car never mind telling the world...never say never I guess!
This comment has been removed by the author.
Karen Hargett said…
I love the photos - great posting.
ruthie said…
Beautiful images!

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