"Robert" is flying to the USA , in a wooden box.

Here he is: my champ, the chosen one.

pencil drawing, 91/2"x9", 2008
Copyright Sheona Hamilton-Grant

This full frontal portrait of Robert ,the Scottish Greyhound, has been juried into the most excellent canine art show : Art Show at the Dog Show.

He's been framed, in a great custom moulding and is looking very dandy.

Today, his journey to America begins.
He's being crated in a cosy, thick foam wooden-unbreakable under elephant weight- box .
Tomorrow, he meets the Belgian customs, has his picture taken and is put on record as a temporary export.
He will then be "delicately" placed into a muckle transport jet and fly across the seas... all the way to Kansas.
Once on American soil, he will wave at the customs there who will take his picture and put him on records as a temporary export.
After which, "Robert" will be finally exhibited at the 23rd Annual Art Show at the Dog Show . Yeah.
This juried canine fine arts competition can be viewed from the 1st of March through to the 5th of April.
Robert is in brilliant company (well worth the long journey) and who knows he may even catch the jurors eye...

Farewell wee chap, safe journey and enjoy the new horizons.

p.s: muckel = scots word describing something which is large.


.....and hopefully fingers crossed on a one way ticket :))
Karie said…
Well done on the exhibit, well deserved for such a wonderful piece
Laure Ferlita said…
What a gorgeous piece of work! Very best wishes for a safe journey and a fabulous show!! I'm sure Robert will charm all the judges with those liquid eyes of his!
A very lovely picture, when I first read the title I thought it was a live dog going in the crate to the USA :-)
Anonymous said…
I love your story with it too..how lovely!
Thank you all:))
Was so chuffed to have the drawing accepted that I had to take it all the way, literally. Fingers and toes crossed he's on his best behaviour and leaves a good impression.

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