Florestan has died

Florestan I
1986 - 2012

A sad goodbye to one of the most amazing (cheecky but still amazing) sires ever was said a few days after New-Year a few weeks shy of his 26th birthday

I first met Florestan I through working with and owning his offspring, this was back in the day when riding ruled my world.
I met him "for real" when we had our own private photo shoot in April 2010.
He was a star and knew it!
Oozing quality, even at the grand old age of 24, he charmed "the pants off of me" by posing, looking and showing off for the full photo shoot. Meeting him this way allowed me to create a classic head portrait with a twist. He was not like any other horse and felt that neither should his portrait be.
The fact is he lives on in thousands of his offspring.
This is how I first met him and how I will last see him.

Rest in Peace you big brown star.


Wendy Mould said…
It is wonderful to honour such a champion. Animals are so much part of our life and it is really sad to see them go. He lived a good life and as you said he has many offsprings to keep his spirit alive.
Wendy you are so right, animals are such an intergral part of our life that no matter how often we have to say goodbye it's always a very sad moment!

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