We've drawn Dinos....

Untitled and extinct
Graphitint sketch on paper
Sheona Hamilton-Grant. All rights reserved

Mummy's going to draw a Dino!
Want to join in?

Before the end of my next breath there was action over-load!
Floury of footsteps, giggles, drawers slams, individual sketch pads found, pencils, pens, scissors and glue (?) brought out, a wonderful assortiment of shiny things glissening on the table top.
Beside the same table, standing to attention, ready for action; two beeming smiles.
The ladies of the house were joining me on a mission!

Islay's Dino Land
Coloured sketch on Paper.
All rights reserved

Dinamelie - my wee Dino
Coloured skecth on paper.
All rights reserved

We joined in on Draw a Dinosaur day and had such a wild time (bad pun intented)
The ladies have done themselves (and their mum) proud with perfect creations and scenes from a world extinct.

Tomorrow I'm wanting to draw an apple.
Wonder if they'll be as keen!


Brenda said…
Hello Sheona... I see the little ladies prefer to work in color! ;) Their drawings are terrific and mom's too! :) I do enjoy viewing children's artwork. The details always amaze me, and they are so expressive and vibrant. I still have my son's work from when he was little. *sigh* I have a few of them hanging in my studio. They make me smile...
Linda Shantz said…
Very nice dinos all round! Congrats to all three of you! Looking forward to the apples!
Brenda thank you. I also enjoy children's art. I totally love the spontaneity with which they work and create :D

Linda. Mission apple is under way...not sure how many recruits I'll get, it may well turn out to be a one man mission :D

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