Leonardo da Vinci: a little like us?

(c. 1499–1500)—National Gallery, London

What if I told you Leonardo was just like most of us?

I have a brick.
A solid intense very researched 786 page brick.
A brick published by the Metropolitan Museum of Art in 2003.
A brick entitled "Leonardo da Vinci Master Draftsman".

A stunning solid 3.5kg (7.71617 lbs) volume requiring strong arms and an ounce of time to open and read.
Somehow I found both.
Started reading this amazing volume on the master only to get to page 4 and discover "Even during his lifetime, his inability to finish projects was legendary".

As many of you know Leonardo is one of my favorite masters. Turning to him for advice in drapery, learning from his sketching and often tuning in on his philosophical wisdom for inspiration and guidance. (ie: Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.~Leonardo da Vinci~)

What a beautiful discovery to find that he, like so many of us, had hundreds of projects unsolved, unfinished.
Reading this, so early on in the book, brought a massive grin to my face followed by the cheeky thought "oh ah yeah! there's hope for me yet! There may well still be a masterpiece underneath all of my unfinished ideas! Woot!""


Alex Zonis said…
How very interesting! I envy you your book, BTW! Perhaps there is some hope for us yet...

Thank you for posting this.
Well that is certainly the best news I've heard today.....and I so love the sketch you used to accompany it :)
Hiya and thank ya ;D
Elizabeth I find this sketch of his mesmerizing...LOVE IT!
Jeanette said…
The book sounds like a real treasure Sheona and a fabulous resource.

Leonardo, I'm sure, was very ordinary and unpretentious. Just a guy who liked to draw and was very good at it. :)
Vicki Robison said…
What lovely work! And I too am holding out hope as I have projects to numerous to mention that are in various states of completion. Best of luck. Vicki

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