Ilya Repin: Russias open secret.

Mid 2008 saw me discover an unforgettable artist.

Ilya Repin.

For days, my mind pondered on how I could do justice to such a master using words, my words.
In all my wisdom, it then struck me … I couldn't!
A master’s work (just like any other piece of art) has to be seen and savoured by each of us, individually.
I did feel, however, up to the challenge of introducing him, of putting down a few stepping stones allowing my readers to approach and tread, for a few minutes at least, a world well worth glimpsing into.
My intermediaries of preference were: pertinent facts, images, explanations, useful Internet links and one or two personal comments.

So here is once again an open door to Ilya Repin’s world which I hope you will experience with the same awe and respect as I have.
Why have I chosen to stand on the threshold of Repins’ world?
His talent will blow you away!

Repin is still not known well enough in the West despite being Russia’s greatest 19th century painter – despite being one of their household names for well over a century.

This makes him, in my mind, one of Russia’s most openly whispered secrets.

Here for your viewing are some of the canvas that turned my head.

(All the images below have been taken fromWikimedia)

If you have enjoyed Repins work, I have more information all drafted out on squidoo. (If you pop over there you will be able to read more about this master's fascinating life.)


Dors said…
I am in awe. This fascinating work.

Just breathtaking. Thanks Sheona for sharing this with us.
Hello Dors:) His work is brilliant. Would love to see it live...must be quite extraordinary

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