Just a wee note...

You have to study a great deal to know a little.
~Baron de Montesquieu ~

Deep down we most of us have a thirst for knowledge and learning.
Mine never seems to be quenched and ends up turning regularly (sometimes daily) to several sources.

Here are the main influences that serve me with inspirational, incredibly wise and inspired drinks.

Leonardo da Vinci and Peter Paul Rubens to the legacy they left us.
The TED ideas worth spreading website.
Alyson Stanfields' Artbiz coach website and book "I'd rather be in the Studio".
Seth Godin's blog
Robert Genn's Painter Keys

and last but not least life itself.

To all of them I raise a glass of Christmas cheer!


April Jarocka said…
I had a feeling Seth Godin would be somewhere on that list from your tweets Sheona! lol
Hope there is much more in 2010 to inspire you. Happy Christmas!!

A very Happy Christmas to you to April. Wishing you a fantastic creative New Year:) Best

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