Trying to define art...

Every now and then I take the time to "flick" through the posts of my blog.
I enjoy remembering, pondering and through it find inspiration.

This one the posts that got me rethinking and for once agreeing with myself.

My small attempt at answering the massive question:

What is Art?

What is art?

This must be one of the most controversial and complex questions to answer.
Controversial in its subjectivity and complex if only by the number of art forms there are.
This actually means answers (usually long and longer) can be given at so many different levels and in no definite way.
Having said this, answers have been given and in quite a large way.
So why ask I hear you think.
Well, I believe it is an important question for every artist to think about at least once and to attempt to give a coherent answer.

So I will put my thinking cap on and probably bore you all to tears.

OK here goes.
If you don't want to read any further you could always check out the wikipedia, free encyclopedia for their definition and answer to Art.

A spontaneous answer would be the classic: "it's a fantastic means of expression". How shallow is that?

Start again.
Art, is something comes straight from the heart.
It is something which comes alive without boundaries. making it unlimited.
Art is something that takes your mind places, your heart places.
In my case it has been a steady discovery of myself, a wonderful way of facing fear and dealing with life. A reason for stepping up to reality.
Art is the reward for patience, deep emotion and gritty determination.
Art causes the viewer to react, to feel, to think.
It connects with the viewer and becomes something that you (the viewer) cannot take your eyes off. Something that stays anchored in ones memory.
Great art stirs thought and something very deep within.
There is something intangible that makes it special and at the end of the day it really boils down to what we like.

Have I come any closer to answering the question of what makes art art? Maybe not but one thing for sure is that I have been pondering about the answer for days now. Focusing on making some kind of sense of the ramifications the question has lead to.
The nice thing is that there is no wrong answer and I feel as though have dotted my I' and crossed my T's.

Back to the drawing board to let loose some of that gritty determination...
Have a great week-end.


Wendy Mould said…
In the end art is what turns you on. I am the creator and I need to do what intrigues me first. There is a message in my work but sometimes I can not put it in words. Enjoy your work.
Pencil Sanity said…
For me personally art is my sanity. No matter how it turns out or what anyone might think about it.
Of course reading nice and approving comments does stroke my ego. LOL
Dors, I agree words can be limiting in a way art never.

Pencil Sanity lol, as crazy as it sounds when I can't get to create I get slightly off balance (more than usual!), frustration mounts up. Your user name really reflects your approach to your art: good choice :)
Gary said…
Hi Sheona, my name is Gary and I love your blog. I took a semester-long class a long time ago - the title of the course being "What is Art" - where we all individually tried to improve our definitions. One thing I guess I learned was that it is impossible to define, that in order to define what is art you had to say what was not art - and not many in the class were willing to do that(!).
Hello Gary welcome to Black on Grey on White. Exactly! It wasn't until I tried to answer the question that I realised the answer is as subjective and individual as art itself.
What is not art? Another good question probably even more complex and difficult to answer...

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