A horse, a horse yet another horse...

Have you all started thinking of Christmas and tackling it's yearly challenges?
Affirmative at this end.
Christmas commissions: the challenge facing Black on Grey on White.
Keeping the surprise intact implies keeping the image and drawing hidden and therefore depriving my blog of a substantial amount of material.

To counter this, I have started a large new piece (26x61cm = 10"x24").
A "full frontal" view.
My targeted subject Hurrican.
In August I was granted a private photo session with this gem of an equine(big thank you to the Warendorf National Stud) .
150 frames to work from . Really can't help thinking this is the first in many Hurrican portraits.
Work will be done in-between commissions.
Slow progress a certainty.
Updates a promise.
Until then, feel free to get know this big chap: he has his own website.
It's in German but a horse is a horse...right?


Going to be gawgus :))
Dors said…
WOW this is coiming along so beautifully. I look forward to the next update. Great job Sheona.

Cheers :)
Kelley said…
Has your business been through a holiday season before? If so, do you have any tips or advice?
Wendy Mould said…
I like your prespective of the horse. I am working on a horse portrait and it is great to see different perspectives. You must have been busy to get all those shots!
Hello all and a great big thank you. No update today hopefully tomorrow.
Kelley, yes I've tackled Christmas a few times its the busiest time of year. Experience has thought me to always get orders approved and ready to ship for the first week in December. That way you beat the last minute rush and are able to take on the very last minute order (there is always one).
April Jarocka said…
A horse with his own website???
Good luck with all the work ahead of you!
Thanks April ! Yep seems to be one nifty horse when it comes to IT.

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