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Friday, 30 October 2009

Mini progress on Hurrican portrait

Zoomed in and cropped: due to the size of the piece this is all my scanner could cope with (sadly all I could get done this week)
I did however finish another Christmas commission, sort out paperwork and miscellaneous data before the school break next week, so all in all it has been a successful and busy week.

Hurricane is coming along smoothly (if still a little bit bland and without much muscle shape.) This is has all been rendered in light layers of 2B on Mellotex paper.

Must admit to wondering if I have not bitten off (size-wise) more than I can chew draw...
One thing for sure: there's nothing like a new challenge and pushed boundaries to keep an artist on hers toes...
Thanks for popping by. Have a great week-end.


An English Shepherd said...

I like to do new things as well !

Wizz :-)

Elizabeth McCrindle said...

Well if we don't push ourselves to do something out of the box we'll never know....says she slinking back into her match box :) Looks great keep going :)

Sheona Hamilton Grant said...

Hi Wizz: nothing like a new adventure I so agree :)!can't help thinking getting into a match box would be a challenge at this end, especially living in chocolate land:)