Virtual Sketch Date November: "End of Summer"

Jeanette Jobson author of the blog Illustrated Life graciously offered a great reference for us all to get stuck into.

I loved the light (that special autumn glow) and the shadows of the leaves created. I saw so much in this reference but wasn't until I saw the rope that I knew where I was going! I was sticking to black and white (no graphitints) and going to "radically zoom" and flip (not literally of course...)!

Working in black and white, I feel, always makes shape and symbolism that extra bit precious.

This time was no exception. Summer has hung up its coat and left us for another year, leaves are just shadowed memories.

The result a big drawing 33x24 cm on Strathmore Bristol smooth. The tooth of the paper was used as the foundation for the bark and the rest followed. All the drawing was done in 6B. The shadows are layers of graphite topped with charcoal.

"End of Summer"

Graphite on Paper, 33x24 cm

Here's the reference photograph.  Another great challenge thank you to Rose Welty, Jeanette Jobson and Stacey Rowan for the idea and the co-ordination of  VSD


Jeanette said…
Gorgeous piece, I love the crop and the zoning in on the rope.

This is a maple tree in the front of my house that turns amazingly golden each autumn. The rope was a remnant from an old one used to occasionally tether my horse, Kit, on her way to the meadow.
The Tile Lady said…
When I saw the reference photo, I really wanted to do this planning to tackle some watercolors with some future Virtual Sketches. But, I was tied up all this week and unable to get to it.

Your drawing is just amazing! It's so beautiful, and the details so perfect! My jaw just fell open when I saw it! Great job! (Of course!!!! You always do such wonderful work!)

Beautiful! Lovely to see the rope featured.
Stacy said…
Wow! This is a beautiful drawing! You captured the form that I struggled so much with. I love the extreme crop and you did a fantastic job on that rope. Just lovely!!
Thank you all so much. Having a ball at learning from these set challenges :)
Andy said…
Beautiful drawing, there's so much contrast and texture in this and the rope is excellent. Brilliant.
Jan Pope said…
Spectacular. I'm so jealous of your mastery of the graphite and charcoal.
Paulette said…
Wonderful symbolism!
Great texture on the tree!
laura said…
Oh my, this is beautiful! I love the subtlety of the shading and texture!
Really nice piece - I love the dramatic darks and lights, and the details you put in. Great job!
Massive THANK YOUs to all of you.:)
The great thing about this monthly challenge is all the other artists I get to discover. A brilliant way to learn and share. Love it!
April Jarocka said…
Hi Sheona. I really like this one...makes me think of all the days I used to spend up trees as a kid, with all the time in the world to kill just thinking about nothing and watching the spots of sun light move on the tree trunk in time with the swaying breeze....ah..happy days. Thanks for that:)
BMoon said…
I saw the rope too...but it was so small i just ignored it. but YOU, you did something brilliant here.....just love it.
April: you're so right something magical about trees and feeling on top of the world.

BMoon: warm welcome to Black on Grey on White! Thank you for your kind words:)

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