Chirstmas cards: snow scenes from Montana.

My favorite time of year is around the corner.
Admittedly, I'm  wee bit late with my  cards, I am nevertheless proud to present "Montana Snow" and "Snowed Under". 
 They are (surprisingly) my first official Christmas cards and will be for sale shortly... watch this space!
I was inspired... I've never seen horses in such strong snow. (Being a softy, I always stabled mine during the winter) and these shots jut made me think winter and warm fires!
The great references for these cards were bought from Donna Ridgeways photo reference site. Donna, herself an artist, loves to take her camera wherever she goes. 
The result: a very big selection of great images, not only equine but of  Montana's scenery, wildlife, plants and architecture, many of which are for sale to other artists as reference photos. 
Thank you Donna! 
I hate to think how cold it was when these shots were taken but I'm so glad you had you're woolly hat on and were ready to brave the weather!


hbedrosian said…
These are beautiful, Sheona! I'm sure they will be a hit as Christmas cards.
Thank you Holly...I hope so. I'm eagerly awaiting the finished "product" :)
Linda Shantz said…
She beat me to it, Sheona! They're gorgeous! I completely understand the appeal of those photos, too; I'm glad someone is taking advantage of them! You've entirely done them justice! Donna takes such great photos. (Plugging you both now!)
April Jarocka said…
And very proud you should be too. They're gorgeous. I can feel the snow...brrrrrrrrr!
Jo Castillo said…
Can't agree with you about the favorite time of the year. Brrr. Great drawings and lovely gesture.
Linda: you are spot on, Donna's pics are great!
April: Many thanks. Would be great to feel the snow this Xmas been sooo long...
Jo: Thank you:) The cold is off putting and seriously nasty, but I do love the lights, the food, the gigly children...

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