Last stage in new equine (soluble) graphite drawing

Closed for inventory yesterday...sounds like a sign that would appear on a shop door in January...!

Feeling very organised and ready to confront the up and coming holiday season head on.

Here are the final stages on "Above the Bit."

Step 5 and 6 are basically focused on rendering and slightly detailing the mouth. This is the stage where I found it the hardest to stay loose. To render an impression rather than the full visual detail. I worked using a flat tip as opposed to a sharp point. The metal was done with a fine paint brush.

Step 5: The mouth and nose added

Step 6 (zoomed in) Work on the metal, all the edges are still to be cleaned and worked. This scan also clearly shows the tooth of the paper. This is not visible to the eye from a distance so I chose (with difficulty) to ignore it.

Below is the signed and sealed version of  "Above the Bit".  

The title is so obvious forming a nice contrast, I feel, with the crop I chose to illustrate.

Once again had a great time drawing with this medium. 

Wishing you a grand week-end wherever you are.


"Above the Bit"

23x22 cm. Graphite on paper

300 Euros ( 390$)


Tracy Hall said…
Beautiful Sheona. These water soluble pancils are intriguing, at least with what you can do with them. A very brave crop too :)
Thank you Tracy:)
Brave and daring. Just had to try it. Glad I did...:)
The Tile Lady said…
It's really stunning Sheona! The contrasts are wonderful! The detail so perfect! I don't even know what water-soluble graphite is, but I will find out! I am sure it has to be very difficult to work with.

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