Snow and the week ahead

The week-end came and left this chap in the garden swaying to the laughter of the girls.

No progress worth displaying has been made on "Grandad's story" due to some strange virus which has made my youngest needing loads of TLC.

Will be posting as soon as possible but until I do I will leave you with one or two pics of cats in the snow and a fun link ( posted by fellow blogger Jo Castillo. (Follow it and you find out if your blog has a male touch or that feminine je ne sais quoi!)


Oliver loved it, Jess  on the other hand was so interested she stayed curled up in a ball most of the day...

Back soon with more graphite updates and bits and bobs.


April Jarocka said…
Jess looks just like my two Sheona. I guess one black and white cat does look much like another...

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