Zig Zag the cheeky foal - revisited.

We saw Zig Zag.
Do you remember Zig Zag?
She was my muse for my foal series.

Fancy Free, Ciao & Footloose
Pencil on Paper
Sheona Hamilton-Grant. All rights reserved.

Four years have passed and the mad frolics of a three day old foal have disappeared into sweet oblivion (if you disregard re-living them through a few of my scribbles.)

Four years down the road field my Ladies were greeted by a little gentle dark brown mare with big kind eyes.

There is still a spark of mischief to be found (if you look carefully) but incomparable to our crisp spring morning gallivant where legs and tails switched and pointed in all sorts gravity defying positions.

(Zig Zag is on the left)

We can confirm after sandy nosed nuzzles and soft whispers, Zig Zag is all grown-up and very much a soave and poised lady.


The little gangly girl has transformed into a beautiful young lady. Wonderful, thank you.
Linda Shantz said…
Aw, what a pretty girl she turned out to be!
She has grown a little more sideways than upwards but her nature and temperament are very very sweet:D
Yes very kind eyes :-)

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