Stepping out of my mad square circles.

Time and I have never gotten on!
In my youth, I took it for granted, ignored it and, worst of all, wasted it.
Now, with a few more ounces of wisdom in my pocket, I respect it, treasure it and constantly try to hoax it into hang-out with me a little longer!

To no avail!
It's pay back time.
Time now ignores me and, I'm convinced, takes me for granted!

This strained relationship has me running constantly in mad square circles.
Circles that end up leaving me stranded, brain spinning, arms flapping in a "in-between" timezone which always always ends being the past....!

So as of now and for the next few weeks, I'm going to stop running and chasing a "thing" that I can never keep up with.
Deep breaths will be inhaled, heart-beats felt, eyes opened and the sight of life in slow motion caught and memorised.

I'm taking a relaxed step out of my mad square circles.

I'm off on a wee summer break.

p.s: If this has struck a cord and you know what I mean: wishing you a warm welcome to my mad square circle club and a great holiday break when the time comes.


sue said…
You've described my life perfectly (!!)

My recent posts seem to include the word 'faffing' constantly - my ineffective way of coping with too few hours ...... have a lovely holiday
It most certainly does since losing Tara at the beginning of the month something akin to half a lifetime has somehow whooshed into the oblivion. But, the big but means I get to appreciate what is left and make it count :)

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