Blue Weimaraner named Ida

Detail of portrait study


At last I can show you one of the drawings that kept me scribbling for most of May. Long days and long nights were on the menu as I scrounged hours,minutes and seconds wherever I could find them.
Big thank-you to my friend and fellow artist Linda Shantz for her precious musical tips. She introduced me to Biffy Clyro (the best Scottisch band of the moment) & Mumford & Sons. These guys got me through the hours and dead-line stress with a good rythm in my stroke :D

The result is "Ida". Ida is just gorgeous: a blue Weimaraner with the most amazing light eyes I have ever seen.

The colour and texture of her coat were brilliant to draw, I guess simply because it is so out of the ordinary.(Miles away from curls and long hair)
Smooth shades of grey that transcend into darker values subtly but quite radically.

Pencil on Paper. 38x55cm
Sheona hamilton-Grant. All rights reserved.

Ida's portrait is now hanging in Germany up North where, hopefully, summer is swinging a wee bit more than down here in the south of Belgium!


Gary Keimig said…
Ida is a beautiful rendering Sheona.
Great job. Who ever in Germany has a wonderful art piece.
Anonymous said…
I just found your blog- really nice drawings! It seems like noone really does great drawings anymore!

My blog is currently getting off the ground. Please feel free to stop by sometime. I'd love to have your feedback.
Wendy Mould said…
Your picture looks great. I love the composition.
Natalia said…
I love your drawings, as always I appreciate great pencil art, so underrated nowadays.. hope you'll find time to have a look at my blog - Challenged by Pencils, slowly coming together..
Best wishes for the future!

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