Hairy Legs can be ... nice?

Long hairy legs really do make for nice viewing...who would have thought? (insider tip: make sure they are from the animal kingdom.)
Another Christmas commission finished and a few more hours spent on the dashing Hurricane.
Wanted to share a detail of the progress. A few more hours still needed tweaking here and there but overall looking OK and then it will be on to the chest and right shoulder muscle.

May well be a few more days before the next update.
The week end is approaching fast and I'm already tucking down taking on tackling position...
Cheery waves to all of you wherever you are!


Looking good :-)

& Cheery waves from Wizz
This is going to be great Sheona! I agree, who would have thought hairy legs would be beautiful.
Pencil Sanity said…
I wish my legs look so good. LOL Wonderful drawing.
Cheery wave back....wouldn't want to wax those ones lol....great work :)
Dors said…
These hairy legs are superb.. Great job Sheona. your work just blows me away. AWESOME
April Jarocka said…
He has much nicer hairy legs than me Sheona!! lol

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