One week gone...way too quickly.

It is a certainty, when "no school" days come round, my days begin to turn in very strange circles indeed. (I'm sure all you working mums can totally relate)
The result: weird working hours and very little time for my "puter" and all things cyberly connected.
To cut a long week short: it was a great success on the art front. First three Christmas commissions approved and delivered safely (woot !), new orders come in (2x woot!), went to a great vernissage and have a diminishing stock of Christmas cards.
On the "mummy" front: sadly, been dealing with 2 sickly kiddies with sore tummies and grumpy dispositions.
Nursed, loved and entertained them as best I could. Seems to have done the trick: they're back at school and up to all sorts of tricks.

With "normality" returned my pencils have been actively scribbling. Very happy indeed to be able to catch up on lost time.

In fact, have been working on Hurricane's portrait (visual up-date tomorrow) with a very appropriate "A great day for Freedom" by Pink Floyd in the background.
Half my life since the wall came down ...


Clive Meredith said…
congrats on the christmas commissions,thats great news!
Thanks Clive, quite chuffed with the extra work. Have planned on the last minute commissions time wise.
Pencil Sanity said…
So glad that you kids are feeling better and your commissions are being done and getting more.
Wendy Mould said…
Glad to hear the kids are well again. Somehow sick kids always change your day quickly, I was fortunate mine were seldom sick but when they were it was a minor crisis.
Relax and enjoy your time on the new pictures now that things are back to normal.
Thank you Pencil Sanity: always a relief when they are bubbly fit
Wendy: just been up for a wee while in the studio and it did feel very good :)

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