An new visual update: Hurricane

Here he is, the big chap with all sorts of strange feature problems.
Notice how the eyes and the nose are wonky. Easy fix (phew!) and not a big worry at this stage as all is still in the "getting it just right" process.
I will ask you however to forgive the quality of the scan. This drawing is so big and getting it to sit on the scanner is pretty challenging. I will have to revert to my Eos's help from now on.

Thanks for popping by.
More to come... soon. Tomorrow is another "no school" day.


April Jarocka said…
Ohhh He's GORGEOUS..!! Well done Sheona.!!

WOW really taking shape it's going to be stunning. Love his unruly mane.
Dors said…
Well it sure is starting to look great Sheona. I know what you mean about toooooo big for the scanner. LOL.
I am sure after a little tweaking it will look awesome. Great job.
J.Deans said…
This is turning out just beautiful!
Hello all and a great big thanks!
To be honest I love everything about this horse and I'm hoping the end portrait(minus wonky eyes and nose) will show that. There is still his legs to do and they are nearly as hairy as his mane ;-)
I love your work Sheona! This is already looking real nice. Can't wait to see it finished. Best wishes, Colette
Thank you Colette and a very warm welcome to Black on Grey on White. Had a wee peek at your blog nice pencil work.Great to meet you :)
Wendy Mould said…
He is looking great. A beautiful sheen to his hide, dispite your thoughts on the eyes and nose, he looks good.
Igor Lukyanov said…
Great work! I love it. Well done!!!
Jo Castillo said…
This is absolutely stunning. I anxiously await the finish. Wow!
Wendy, Igor and Jo hello and million thank yous. Have been able to spend a few more hours on him. Will post soon.
OMG its amazing! I love your drawing...
Thanks to share with us!
AMBre said…
I would publish your drawing (impressive ! Congrats) on my blog, to show your work to my followers (you know I follow you with a great pleasure). I'll link it to your blog, as I do everytime with the other artists.
I'm waiting on your answer :

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